Since 1920

Expert in leather dye


Since three generations, passion dye passes from father to son at Teintures Cy Sauriol, the only place in Montreal that specializes in dyeing leather. As an artist, the owner of the workshop handles the airbrush and compressor for a perfect result.


All leather accessories such as bags, coats and furniture can be dyed and changed color. Your father gave you his old pink leather couches? Few days at Teintures Cy Sauriol and couches appear dark brown.


With its very special techniques, the owner of Teintures Cy Sauriol restore life of your old accessories leather providing them with more modern colors. The choice of colors is very wide and some dyes can also be accompanied by special effects such as shiny and reflective. To restore the luster and revive your leather items as you like, a few days at Teintures Cy Sauriol and voila!


What We Say About Us

“I had damaged the colour on my favourite Kate Spade bag that was an impossible to match red raspberry colour. After asking around at other shoe repairs I was told the best and the only place to go was Teintures Cy Sauriol. I was not disappointed. Besides the courteousness and professionalism of M. Jean Sauriol, the bag was repaired and restored to a new condition. He saved my bag and I was very impressed. Very reasonable price too. I highly recommend! 👍👌”

Julie M.

“I had my precious leather coat completely rubbed off. It returned in original condition for a fraction of the price. Excellent work!”

Guy B.

“I am pleasantly surprised by the result. Really, he did a great job, very meticulous and clean, it looks like a new loveseat.”

Johanne P.

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