Expert in leather dye
since 1920

Jean Sauriol, owner
since 1985


We are closed from July 22 to August 8.

About us

What we do?

Since three generations, passion dye passes from father to son at Teintures Cy Sauriol, the only place in Montreal that specializes in dyeing leather. As an artist, the owner of the workshop handles the airbrush and compressor for a perfect result.

All leather accessories such as bags, coats and furniture can be dyed and changed color. Your father gave you his old pink leather couches? Few days at Teintures Cy Sauriol and couches appear dark brown.

With its very special techniques, the owner of Teintures Cy Sauriol restore life of your old accessories leather providing them with more modern colors. The choice of colors is very wide and some dyes can also be accompanied by special effects such as shiny and reflective. To restore the luster and revive your leather items as you like, a few days at Teintures Cy Sauriol and voila!

We dye leather furniture, we dye leather shoes, we dye leather handbags, we dye leather coats, we dye leather boots, etc.
Warning! We do not dye fabric.

We worked for :

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Here are some examples of our work

Golf shoes

Shoes for The Nutcracker

Leather Coat

Leather Sofa

Leather Loveseat

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7231 St-Hubert, Montreal, Qc H2R 2N2

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